HR Monthly on Social Networks: You need a map!


A few weeks ago we were contacted by the editor of HR Monthly, an Australian magazine aimed at HR professionals, for a story on social networks. The editor had heard us speak at the Hargraves Conference (blog post available here) back in May, and was seeing a real desire for the HR community to ‘add more value’ to its internal customers.

The editor was really taken by the whole area of mapping informal networks, and the outcome was a terrific story just published in HR Monthly. I have been given permission to share with our network, as it is otherwise not publicly available. Click here to download.

The article also includes some great examples from Deloitte, Bupa and one of our clients Christine Gardner. We are of course very grateful for the positive endorsement of our company, but also the value that mapping and analysing social networks brings in general.

We hope you find the article of good use.