‘Governance in a Networked World’ Blog posts now mirrored on Optimice WordPress site

The Optimice Blog site has been established to provide a broader publication base for Optimice staff and their partners. Optimice co-founder, Laurence Lock Lee’s Governance in a Networked World blog will have its posts now mirrored to this site.

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About Laurence Lock Lee

I am a co-founder of Optimice Pty Ltd, the developer of Community Mapper, ONA Surveys, Visual Markets and Stakeholder Engagement. I am also the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Tech startup Swoop Analytics. My passion is networks; building them, participating in them, analysing them, improving them, writing about them. My work experience has largely been with corporate networks. However, I am excited about the prospect of working with community and network builders from all walks of life, be they NGOs, charities, professional societies, industry peak bodies, social enterprises etc... It doesn't take long to appreciate that 'building community' is the new 21st century mission statement.