Eurovision – Visual Voting Map

Eurovision 2014 logoEurovision, the (in)famous European music competition is just around the corner with semifinals starting 6 May in Copenhagen, Denmark. To get in the mood we have created a map showing a summary of the 2013 voting patterns.

Have a close look at the red lines which highlight countries that have voted for each other, and you’ll see some interesting cultural patterns, such as ‘blocks of countries’ that vote for each other:

    • Scandinavian countries Denmark/Norway/Sweden
    • Azerbaijan, Belarus and Georgia
    • Belgium and Holland

Given that voting is in the hands of the both TV viewers and a small jury made up of music industry representatives (50/50 power) one would expect that the voting patterns resemble musical preferences based on cultural similarities rather than being ‘nice’ neighbors or repaying last year’s votes. But what do you think?

Will we see similar patterns this year? Please tell us by using the comments field.

Here we show the same data, but with the countries placed on Google Maps: